About Britney

Britney is a soul-inspirer and mindset leader on living a peaceful, love-drunk, satisfied life!

Waking up to a whole new world, discovering and developing over the years, its always been natural to encourage everyone in her vicinity. It has come to light that doing what she loves for a living is highly rewarding for everyone.

Merging life experiences, practical guidance, spiritual and energetic fundamental truths, Britney is quite a rare breed of " life coach."

Through her engaging online presence, instead of "adding value" she likes to draw out the high value and worthiness within others. Empowering them to drop their limiting beliefs, they feel more alive and inspired to live a more enjoyable life creating a ripple effect into the world.

Britney was born in Bremerton, WA and currently resides in Miami, Florida.

“Finding someone to talk to... who is willing to listen without getting bored isn't easy! Thank you for understanding the problem and teaching me not to take other peoples actions personal!”

Laura M.