Ever felt if you expressed yourself in a new way or thought differently than the people around you… they would turn on you, exclude you, and you get kicked out of the circle? … well most of the time YOU WILL😂

Haha in the beginning of my evolution lol… I worked in the church. And I was a radical hell fire evangelist outside of the church and on social media lol. Everyone loved me (that believed like me). As soon as my beliefs changed, I got kicked out🤣 “let go” haha. It was hard for me at the time but I knew I couldn’t go back to believing that stuff. They did me a favor😏

Guess what happened next?

I found other communities to be apart of that supported my journey. There was always a church group to my next level thinking and questioning. But…what really tripped me up was “no sex before marriage…” I was always conflicted with this belief. I found myself losing the desire to go to church altogether. I trusted it.

Went on a mission to discover spirituality within sexuality. Exploring its depths have been unbelievable!

I’ve had some of the best experiences of my life so far!

-My relationship with myself has enhanced, as shame, guilt, suppression and neglect have left my yoni!

-I have developed self pleasure practices that have strengthened my pelvic floor.

-My relationship with my partner has improved from hiding to being transparent and open about everything, building depth in intimacy and trust.

-So much more!!!!

And I KNOW some of you who have been following me are on the same journey of self expression and sexual exploration, feeling liberated to live life on your own terms.

Honor where your heart is leading you.

Don’t be afraid to pull the plug. You’re always supported no matter wtf you believe! There are always groups to be apart of:)

So all that to say… I support and love you no matter what you believe😉

If I went from a Christian influencer, to an Adult content creator and Life coach…. I believe you can design your life however you choose too!!!

My group coaching mastermind called Glory Soaking is specifically designed for those questioning their religious beliefs and want support in exploring their sexuality.

There will be Q/A, group discussions, inner reflection, support, live zoom calls/recordings, resources and a safe community.

Let go and flow 😉

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