Life Coaching

Bliss Experiences

You know there is more out there to experience. More love. More peace. More money. Whatever your looking for…. More, More, More!  As you seek things outside of yourself to feel complete, you will always end up trying to obtain from a place of lack. This “doing” in order to become…. Little do you realize you don’t need to “do” in order to become someone you already are. Fully becoming aware that you are complete as you are, you end up overflowing joyously. Living from the place of peace within, are you gracefully guided into a whole new life experience. 


Learn how to easily navigate through the hang-ups and fears… to find the true essence of your soul, your life being. We all need someone to talk to that’s not apart of our immediate influence, about life and overcoming mental obstacles with money, relationships, sex, business, family, or personal/spiritual development… its all connected! “Bliss Experiences” also known as 1 on 1 Life Coaching, you will be held accountable for shifting energetic paradigms. You will be given homework that is soul inspired… everyone gets a different experience that’s catered to their specific desires. 

Glory Soakings

Do you enjoy being apart of a community? Maybe you need to switch things up a bit? Once a week we gather online as a fun, HIGHLY intuitive group to master the mind with some 1 on 1 support…. plus unwind and relax!

Sometimes we need to be told… not to take things so serious. To let go, and laugh:) Yet, sometimes we need accountability and support. Encounter it all.

Experience group discussions, deep transitional ways of seeing yourself and the world around you, and breakthroughs in your own life!! Feel seen, heard, supported and loved:)

Personalized Refreshings

You know those happy feelings you get after someone you vibe with encourages you? A feeling of refreshment… better than an expensive dinner and a bottle of your favorite wine? Later, you wished you recorded what they said, so you can remember it for eternity?! 


Receive an intuitive, personal email or video from yours truly to encourage you on your journey! Keep it forever, and refer back to it as often as you want! 

“Every fiber of your being vibrates with the frequency of heaven! 

God is closer to you than the air you are breathing… right now as your reading this… PAUSE.. take a deep breath of LOVE in…. and gently release… Feel the EASE and FLOW within… you are completely consumed in LIFE everlasting!!” 

~Britney Ann Marie